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  1. Lets take a second to remember D-day and the massive allied effort it took to take down the aggressors

  2. 3 days in a row i cant get to bed early.

  3. "I can't wait until i retire" Brendon Comerford

  4. How to piss off a mocking bird? Mimic every sound it makes while waking up your neighbors

  5. I wanna say thank you to our armed forces for reminding us that freedom is not free and that we are back to back world war champions.

  6. Havin a beer with the fam Henry Priess

  7. Every time rush comes on the radio im pulling into work -__-

  8. Some girls actually belive they can outsmart slick cats. Lol

  9. Workin in NH for the day -_-

  10. In mid conversation ex wife asks me something, then after i awnsered she stared at me for a second and says " your too boring, thats why were not together" Lol'd pretty hard and said "im gonna bore myself to death in a boring old Volvo if thats the case. Hahaha Idiot doesnt know how boring 150+ on the interstate is, maybe that's what she was refering to.

  11. Day 10 or something without smoking, the cold turkey way.feeling acomplished about a monkey up that lasted 6 years. Just think of the money I would have today. Then again I think about the way I am and I'd probably be in jail. Oh well better than dying in the fire

  12. I saw my 13 y/o cousin watch a show about teen drug/sex/parent rebellion experiences on poking MTV. What the monkey happened to MTV?

  13. It just escalated even more! stuff

  14. Im leveled and thinking of how much better i could of done.