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  1. I just posted a new question in a different area, but here in Volvospeed News, I cannot post a new topic. There is no "NEW TOPIC" button on the page. I AM logged in. And I repeat - somebody stop the damn "do you want to receive notifications" popup that appears EVERY time I go to a different page !!!!
  2. There seems to be no way to create a NEW post in this forum. What's the difference between: (damn, the COPY didn't work - first 2 bullet choices in the profile settings for notifications)... Well, I want an email notification to replies to topics I start or reply to. The second gives me a daily digest, but "notification" seems to have a new meaning in the last few years. Don't want stuff popping up on my computer screen. Dunno what "browser notification" is so I'm not turning it on. Can I stop that annoying popup asking me to turn it on, which appear every time I change pages? Why does a RETURN create a blank line? Annoying.