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  1. Thats a good price....I paid $600 with free shipping from suspensiononline. I've had them on my C70 for 2 months and they are awesome.
  2. Koni FSDs with the double valveing... the damping is always adjusting to the road surface. Truly an amazing suspension.
  3. Congratulations, u will not be disappointed.....I can't believe how well the car drives, after living with the bilsteins and being bounced around, its like I'm driving a different car. The konis gives me a firm ride with comfort, its truly an amazing suspension.
  4. I've been running with a 16T, with 15lbs of boost for a couple of years....never a problem. I think an aftermarket intercooler or a water injection system will be a benefit in the long run. Had the car on the dyno....218whp.....276lbs of torque My front oxygen stayed in close loop ( 14.7 ) all the way to 4.500rpm I've replaced both oxygen sensors, and maybe some day get back on the dyno.