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  1. Thanks but I just bought a set.

  2. Towed it home with a blown transmission..... 298k bleh.....
  3. yeah its been soaking... i hope the wg isnt that hard either Its a t3 .63 / .50 to4e
  4. R manifold for my t3/t4 3" borla muffler intercooler and alot of extra piping 3" flex for the downpipe
  5. some weird time crap going on here...
  6. put new trunk struts in then put my e-codes on..
  7. Got all of my fmic stuff for the s70 yesterday..
  8. Front locker for my bronco... rear is getting lincoln locker
  9. damn there goes 850$.... eaton e-locker for the front of my bronco.
  10. finally got the wifi to work at home.... D-link router got unplugged taken outside and smashed with a hammer... New linksys got plugged in 5min cd and i haz strong wireless all the way into my garage. yay I have to effing work tomorrow... gah fail.. sunday ill be helping set up some gears for someone then im going to work on my diesel bronco.. It needs to be ready before the end of next month. Link to my build.... http://www.fullsizebronco.com/forum/showthread.php?t=170908
  11. So just now i went to a local AT&T store to see if im ready for upgrade and when i can preorder the ifail 4. Well i do the usual i left the drivers window down and key in the ignition and walked into the store. I even got a upfront parking space. While the person at the desk was looking up my account information I happend to glance outside to see a rent-a-cop walking around, well he walks up to the lexus next to my car looks inside of it and grabs the door handle seeing if it was locked.. At this time im thinking why would a rent-a-cop park in a 30 min spot in front of a store? At that time he turns and looks in my car and opens the passenger door. I immediately walk to the door of the shop and yell at him "What the subdue do you think you are doing"? He looks up "is this your car"? I respond "yeah now what the subdue are you doing"? him "checking cars" Me "well if was a ahole i would of bum rushed your ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD and taken you down" Him "well im the parking authority here" Me " i dont give a s**t who you are. For all i know thats a costume and your looking for s**t to steal" Him "well" Me "get the subdue out of here before i call the real cops here" Him "sir no need to get angry here im just making sure this area is safe" Me "by making sure cars are locked"? Him "well its my job" me "not to look in cars and make sure they are locked" "you need to walk away before i cause a bigger scene and you end up loosing your job" Him "ha yeah right" Me fake dialing the popo....waiting...." hello?" "hi id like to report a breaking and entry" Him walking away "I told you im the authority here" Me talking into my phone "yeah he was rumaging around in my car when i came out of the store" Him now ~100ft away "Im walking away" Me "asshole" Putting phone back away. I laughing my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD off go back into the store and realize that everyone in there is laughing. I ask is he always here and doing crap like that? She informed me that he was a ahole and doing this kinda stuff all the time.. She said i was the first to tell him off though.. Thats it... rent-a-cops suck at life
  12. :blink: Dowant... that is bad ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!