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  1. I can attest to the audible burble factor of a Japanifold. I’ve not ran one on my own car, but heard a before and after on a friends car and it was obvious. Might as well see, and then when you’re ready make the jump to a tubular manifold 🤔
  2. Were you running R mani before? Is the japanifold flow improvement a thing? I remember this topic from years back but wasn’t sure if anyone ever saw real improvements? Have you dyno’d your car?
  3. That video is like the car guy equivalent of blue balls. I just wanted to see that throttle released... all over the track’s chin. Had to have been fun. Any more footage?
  4. B_Dub

    Impulse Buy T5M

    Replaced the front o2 sensor in response to low voltage fault code, new Bosch sensor did the trick. Got around to replacing the front and rear cam seals... none had been replaced, all rock hard and the one behind cps on rear was leaking. Replaced all four and also determined exhaust cam was one tooth off, timing retarded. This would explain why the thing felt a little doggy. You can’t really blame the Medford mechanic who did the timing belt- poor guy was on day 15 of a 2-week meth bender and he wasn’t on his A game that day. I also bought a freshly rebuilt angle flange 16t from William the Scott (thanks Will!), it’s the later 7cm housing so happy day. I now need to track down a factory angle flange downpipe, because I’M KEEPING THIS DAMN THING STOCK. I swear.
  5. Your car is immaculate, really sharp! Looks like a nice turnout, too.
  6. B_Dub

    Impulse Buy T5M

    Thank you, I appreciate it! Totally scored... hard to find them clean and unmolested these days. 17” wheels really do fit the P80 better, and seeing as how I’m aiming for an OEM+ build, I put some Titans on. I definitely prefer these to the Heicos, but they really need to be refurbished- pretty good amount of rash. These were once on a Japanese T5R... thanks Taras (@5x108heavyweight)! Other maintenance stuff, changed out the nasty transmission fluid with some fresh Redline fluid. Also, I grabbed some 302mm brackets and threw on some Centric Powerslots along with some Bosch Quietcast pads, replaced the front rubber brake lines and flushed the brake fluid. Now the brick sort of stops. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put 280’s on these cars was hanging out in Grants Pass too much. 280’s are terrifying.
  7. B_Dub

    Impulse Buy T5M

    Thanks man, I’m kind of blown away how well it cleaned up. Definitely some swirl that they couldn’t get out from previous negligence, this car lived outside for the last decade, it’s a miracle the paint is as good as it is. And don’t plant those kinds of ideas In my mind, lol. When I got it back last night I took it for drive and I think I got into boost one time. Cruiser status for this one, slow and easy. I swear. Next up, tint, then putting on some new wheels. To be continued
  8. B_Dub

    Impulse Buy T5M

    I got the car back from paint today; R bumper resprayed and fitted, Rear bumper resprayed, Rear spoiler resprayed, Door side trim resprayed, Roof trim cleaned up and resprayed, 6 panel PDR (I didn’t know it was that bad), Full paint correction. New rear mudflaps fitted and a shiny new “T5” trunk lid badge. He took the flaking factory roof trim coating/paint weirdness off and applied a lightly textured plasticy bed-liner material. I’m not super impressed with that, but it looks ok- certainly better than before and considering the OEM S70 roof trim is for sure coming out of Sweden these days, if it’s even still available, I will live with his solution. This used to be something I would have messed with, but I’m old and over that shizz. Plus, I doubt my homespun solution would have looked as presentable as his. There are definitely people in the world who are skilled at photographing black cars. I- Well, I am definitely not one of those people. Let’s be honest, I can’t take a picture anyway. But the Saff is so forgiving in its coppery, bronzy, goldy, pearly goodness that even a hack like me can create images that are nice to look at. So, what I’m driving at is the pics don’t do this car justice... it’s *really* clean.
  9. B_Dub

    Impulse Buy T5M

    Thanks, and my thoughts exactly. Cruiser that still looks good enough to drop by a cars and coffee and not sully up the place, if there is ever such a thing as cars and coffee again. It is really kind of neat and novel to drive around in a stock T5... I kind of forgot how nice a job Volvo did with these right out of the box, lol. 😂😂 No doubt, and I’m pretty sure meth use creates some nice open sores, so kind of a win/win. I’ll more thoroughly cover the Saff’s new engine build soon... long story short is it looks like either a cracked block or head gasket failure on the motor from last summer, and I had regretted not going full-in with Darton sleeves the first go around so I decided just to do this right. The higher compression will greatly improve low-end umph and the cams will improve the top-end. Keeping the gen2 Garrett gtx3071r because I *really* like the turbo and Aaron also suspects we’ll be able to coax a bit more power out of this setup and get me well over 500 awhp, which is silly. I am addicted to Volvos and allergic to money, so here I am.
  10. B_Dub

    Impulse Buy T5M

    Maybe it was out of boredom; The Saff is back in Denver with Aaron getting a heart transplant, Darton sleeves, Wiseco 10:1 pistons, 2.56 liter, new rods, KM cams... that’s a story for a later date. But I don’t curently have a Volvo to drive and I get kinda twitchy and angsty when I don’t have a Volvo to drive. Jane’s p3 na XC70 does not really count. Maybe it was out of jealousy; My co-worker Eliot has a clean black on black ‘98 S70t5a that always makes me long for the uber clean ‘98 s70 t5m (also black on black) that I stupidly sold 7 years ago to buy Ben Kaplan’s spendy coilovers for the Saff. It made sense at the time, but lord have I questioned that decision subsequently. It had an R bumper and springs and yellow konis (which don’t seem to exist anymore?!&@$), and it was owned by a doctor and only serviced at a dealership and it even had non delaminated door panels and it was immaculate and I sold it because I was dumb. And still am, to be fair. Maybe dumber. Happens with age. Regardless, I found a 161k bone stock ‘98 S70 T5M down in Grants Pass, a quaint meth-driven Southern Oregon hamlet. Did I mention they like their meth? The fella who was selling it knew enough to know it was a somewhat rare car with the factory m56, but he didn’t want an arm and a leg for the car and after talking with him for 45 minutes I knew he loved it and cared for it and that I wasn’t insane to send a deposit and book a one-way flight to nearby Medford. I swear most people who buy one way tickets to Medford, Oregon are doing so with the express purpose of transporting meth or sticky-icky or both back up to Portland. But not me, no sir. My addiction is far more dangerous and difficult to kick. Scary virus-laden plane ride: Craigslist pics: The plan is to keep this one stock, or mostly stock. Famous bleeping last words, right? But srsly... the Saff scratches that itch and then some. So, the plan when I bought this one was to lower, put on the Heicos that used to weigh the poor Saff down with their 28 pounds of girthy 10-spoky goodness, R bumper (I have a spare), paint correction and Jewels. So this weekend the car got full stage zero: -Bosch cap and rotor -Bosch plugs -Bougi wires (this b-itch is bad and bougi) -Bosch fuel filter -Bluebox PCV, complete -Air and cabin filters Previous owner replaced the Tbelt and water pump with an Aisin kit 8,000 miles ago, so happy day. Previous owner did not replace cam seals at that time, and now I get to do that because mr. cam seal is leaking, not so happy day. That will be later. Also put some H&R’s on along with the Heicos. Today on my lunch break I dropped the car off at my paint guy’s place for R bumper, re-spray rear bumper, rear spoiler, door trim, roof trim, PDR, and paint correction. Should have it back Friday. All that’s missing are the Jewels, which I’m hoping to grab from Will the Scott, and some R door panels. Who has em? Can’t find any on this coast and everyone that has them on SS are on the other coast and don’t want to ship. Anyway, I impulsively bought another Volvo and I’m a little bit ashamed and might go cut myself or ask a bum to put a cigarette out on my arm. Because, well, that’s what sick people do.
  11. What’s the consensus, Nanny or Mom depicted in photo? I’m leaning nanny, as my wife did not bounce back like that when kids were still in play pen stage. (Sorry Jane)
  12. That’s just nuts, so stoked for you! There’s so much room to go on your setup, can’t wait to see you turn the wick up, big(ger) numbers to come for sure! Awesome work!