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  1. What’s the consensus, Nanny or Mom depicted in photo? I’m leaning nanny, as my wife did not bounce back like that when kids were still in play pen stage. (Sorry Jane)
  2. That’s just nuts, so stoked for you! There’s so much room to go on your setup, can’t wait to see you turn the wick up, big(ger) numbers to come for sure! Awesome work!
  3. That’s my new screensaver at work. 😉 Hahaha, what a hoot this car is, good grief! I’ve had some runs, all successful so far 😂 Last weekend I checked a big box: CTS-V wagon, 6 speed. He jumped (no honk, no count, he just went WOT), I grabbed 2nd from 35-ish and grabbed on to his pull about 1-2 cars back. I was even at top of 3rd gear, and 4th gear put him in my mirror before Mexico speeds got too high. Very cool guy, we stopped and talked. He was stock, but very rare 6 speed manual. He was complementary of the Saff, prompting me to ask him if he would consider trading, 😂... I would do that trade, just to be clear. Sorry Volvo 🤫 (Sorry I didn’t film this, was a random encounter, which makes it kind of amazing. Thanks! It puts you back, fir sure. Fix your damn R! 🤣
  4. Let’s try this again: http://youtu.be/qOzTseDv-u0
  5. When I look at your engine bae I only see a bowl of spaghetti. JUST joshin’ ya there. Your bay is disgustingly clean, so shut your dang mouth. Your wagon is looking so good, even if I don’t necessarily know if I like roof rails or not. I really vacillate on that topic. But Jesus man, your car is just so nice. 💗
  6. B_Dub

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Those spindles tho! Very nice, and as always very great attention to detail in your work and your write-up. You remind of Big Will in that way. Speaking of, where is he? The rotors are awesome. My only nag is that they rust on the untreated surface just where the hat and rotor face meet. It’s just a mil or two and probably nobody notices but me, but I do. All in all they’re fantastic though, and great info about their performance and heat shedding ability. I’ll be interested in your feedback on the pads. I’ve only run Textar semi-metallic, which iPd sells and provided with their old Porsche BBK. I think they’re fantastic. Relatively low dust, no noise except under 4mm pad depth, and great grabbers. Great job Andy!
  7. Man, you get the award for stick-to-itiveness and wherewithal! This car keeps throwing you curves but you keep battling, props from someone who’s been there! Seems like you’re getting close, though. Keep on truckin’ and keep up the good work!
  8. Some smudge with sage, some spray loads on the walls... it all acts to christen the dwelling. Approved.
  9. All I know is that the last page and a half of this thread has resulted in my cum sock getting saturated. Gross, I know. But true.
  10. (We learned it from watching Laser owners) 😛
  11. Thanks man, I really appreciate that! It was a blast, incredible cars and really a great, supportive environment. Everyone there was so cool. My best trap was 139.23 mph. I could have improved that if I were a bit more aggressive off the line and in 1st gear. I didn’t want to break my car in the middle of the California Central Valley, lol... I still had to go to the Davis meet Sunday and drive home to Portland after. I expected about 10 mph better, but there were dozens of cars slower than my time, so I can’t be too disappointed. This car shines from a roll, it’s always gonna struggle from a dig.
  12. The Saff got some love in the Speedhunters feature on the NeverLift 1/2 event I attended Saturday in Coalinga, California on my (circuitous) trip home from Denver. The photographer, James Lipman, used to own an 850r and an fwd (m59) p80 V70R, so the car caught his eye. He also got a chuckle out of the Volvo wagon there amongst million dollar supercars, lol. 🤣 http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/04/god-bless-america-never-lift-day-one/#_presentation-431146
  13. At the airport now, boarding soon. I’m looking forward to driving my car, the whole adventure, and sshhh, don’t tell, I’m not completely disappointed about not having my wife and two sons in my sphere for a few days out on the road. 😂 Ron Edwards hit like 143 in his P2 V70R a few years back, so I’m hoping 148-150? I really have no idea.
  14. The 4T4 was a great setup, very quick spool and better top end than k24. I made 388awhp and 426 awtq @ 25-ish psi on a Mustang dyno, but was having boost control problems, which ended up being the wastegate rod bushing/ design flaw. (Corrected before I sold it to you)... that being said, the new setup should be quite a bit laggier, but with obviously more room up top. I know, right? Aaron is the MAN VAST tuning, all credit is his. I just paid for it. Thanks Andy! I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. It’s unfair. I’m flying out to Denver tomorrow, driving it to California for a standing 1/2 mile event Saturday, then the big Davis meet on Sunday, then home to Portland from there. Should be a blast!
  15. I would go a step further and assert that earlier iterations of my RN swaps *never* ran properly with VVT disabled/ blocked off. Part of this was surely inferior tuning by MTE, but if you have the option I would absolutely recommend tuning for the VVT, especially on later RN dual VVT heads. Oh, and make sure VAST tunes your car.
  16. There will be more details later, but short: ’98 V70r, M58, built (Wiseco 81.5, RSI rods) b5244t5, gtx3071r gen2 (IWG) .82ar, tubular manifold, tastyVAST downpipe, 950cc injectors, custom 3.25”? iD maf housing, iPd intercooler, do88 radiator and random rip kit pieces, custom intake, NA tb, dw300, non-stock fpr, stock fuel lines (with fuel to spare), E85, COP, dual VVT... that’s the basics. *stock m4.4 intake manifold
  17. Aaron wrapped up the final dyno tuning on the Saff today. Still kind of in shock. VAST, ftw.
  18. Damn Brad, time to take up those Venetian blinds. 😂 #dadjokes Also, Andy. Does the Subaru community know your car makes their wheels look better than they do on theirs?
  19. B_Dub

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Your car is stunning, I’d stare at it, too!
  20. Needs more 3” downpipe! 😉 When are putting that bad boy in??
  21. ^^^ Exits Porsche, disrobes, enters Sauna. Lol!