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  1. my new screen saver, beautiful car.
  2. Damn... it would take a lot of torque to do that. Cany wait to see the dyno numbers on this beast.
  3. Hey Johann, Its so much better with these wheels on it.
  4. Replaced both control arms. since the ball joints went bad.
  5. Got to put some pegs on there. matter a fact I would match paint it also to match the car that's on it and then put pegs on it.
  6. my car came with this.. lol is this rear cause I took it out and kept it.
  7. probably more than a few. for that price you can get a nice home in hawaii, on the beach.
  8. Yea those are vanilla wheels.
  9. ^^ this that had to be scary as hell, glad you are safe also.
  10. I really appreciate my wife when i see things like this lol.