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  1. my new screen saver, beautiful car.
  2. Damn... it would take a lot of torque to do that. Cany wait to see the dyno numbers on this beast.
  3. Hey Johann, Its so much better with these wheels on it.
  4. Replaced both control arms. since the ball joints went bad.
  5. Got to put some pegs on there. matter a fact I would match paint it also to match the car that's on it and then put pegs on it.
  6. my car came with this.. lol is this rear cause I took it out and kept it.
  7. probably more than a few. for that price you can get a nice home in hawaii, on the beach.
  8. Yea those are vanilla wheels.
  9. ^^ this that had to be scary as hell, glad you are safe also.
  10. I really appreciate my wife when i see things like this lol.
  11. I would love to see the face of the tech. when he first realizes what he is looking at . lol
  12. Made respect to you and your fellow EMT workers. I have personally experienced there blessed hands which brought me back to life. I still feel bad about waking up on the ground and saying who the f--k are you lol. I actually kept in touch with him for many years. I was young and thought I was invincible, driving my first fast car that I really couldn't handle. two 360's and a side impact later on H1, I was looking at the EMT that became a good friend.
  13. ^^^ damn really, that was the cool part.
  14. Replaced my lower radiator hose today, it was the last piece that needed to be changed out. the crazy part is I buttoned everything up. at least I thought i did, i didn't tighten down the the cap on the over flow tank. when I went for a drive all proud of myself and sh-t, going 60 mph + steam started shooting from under the hood and the dummy light comes on saying I have low water. pulled over as fast has I could and that's how I discovered the loose cap. thank god I had the new bottle of coolant in the back. lol Just had to share my stupid moment of the month.
  15. your car even looks good in the rain... lol
  16. Your car plain and simply looks good. Still selling it to your sister or something?
  17. that's just crazy, just another reason why I wouldn't live in Florida besides its to humid and there are to many hurricanes.
  18. Installed a new front engine mount. man that was easy.. But the engine was resting on the sub-frame lol. much much smoother ride now.