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  1. You can program the AEM wideband to behave like you want. To me it makes most sense to do that in such a way, it behaves like Spartan-I. So it becomes a range of AFR 10 to 20 wich is lambda 0,68 till 1,36. In the ADX for the logging you can set the conversion to: 0.68+((0.68*1.01*X)/256) The 1.01 correction is not really neaded. 😉
  2. I share Piets experience. If I remember correctly, I posted a formula to help you calculate the correction factor when the MAF sensor has an offset. Piets real value has more value than my calculated one 1.96. More important is that this value earlier published by Piet works like a charm. ;)
  3. Interesting rkam. What ECU version/number do you need? I have a seperate oven for rework purposes.
  4. If you have a MT car use the MT bin. On An AT car the AT bin. ;) They are both available for download and both with disabled immobiliser.
  5. It is no problem to disable accelerometer diagnostics. There are more differencies than Europe and USA. Minor changes during the years etc. Not too exiting. ;) The behaveour of an AT or MT bin is different. Although the base is the same. Imagine AT protection. Limits in first gear..
  6. Accellerometers: Their purpose is detecting a bad road. Really! They are intended to detect vertical acceleration. So disabeling it in Tuner Pro is not a bad thing. And indeed you can bypass the immo by flashing a "hacked" bin. ;)
  7. Best is to find the right values for your car yourself. Venderbrouck has written excellent instructions about injector calibration. You will find them in the Wikia. ;)
  8. Not uncommon ady123. ;) Please check the wastegate actuator and the CBV. They might not be 100%
  9. Im am an IT-er as well. Just read a lot. The M4.4 Wikia is a very good starting point. This topic even better. I had to read the first 100 posts a few times again to understand what has been made possible. Please do the same thing and enyoy! ;)
  10. If you flash that ECU with the right bin, it will work. You have to disable the egr and other non 850 parts in the bin. You cannot plug the other ECU in without disabeling the Immobilizer. The bins on the wikia already have a disabled imobilizer.
  11. @gdog: I ment The LDR duty cycle correction, intake air temperature table. ;) That table is very restrictive. You find it under turbo-related.
  12. When you put a M4.4 in a 850 you need to disable the IAT sensor. The 850 does not have an IAT sensor. The x70 classic has an IAT sensor. You can gain some power by modifying the table because it is very restrictive.
  13. If you want a bin with wideband lambdacontrol, you can contact Piet. He implemented this function. With or without wideband control, it is better to see the VE map as lambda map. Or if you multiply the values with 14.7 as AFR map.