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  1. Well, I'm running Debian so I doubt I have an unwanted plugin messing with me. I guess I'll chock it up to a bad connection. Maybe things will be better at home.
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting pages to load? The header and background seem to load fine but the threads and content sometimes take several refreshes or never load at all...
  3. On the 95: Pulled the carpets & foam out to dry before heater core replacement. Pulled the DS door card to replace lock cylinder, realized I didn't need to do that, found my window track in the bottom of the door repaired DS lock cylinder installed Greddy turbo timer adjusted SC901 mounts so it locks into place Found my brake fluid leak Fixed the speedo after M56 swap removed DS door lower weatherstripping (to be replaced) Removed center console damping weight (might put it back in) On the V90: Looked at it Wash/detail it and drive it. Don't lower it unless it's on air. I remember trying to get into your parking garage. Plus, you don't need two super-low race cars.
  4. What day is Davis? I don't think I'll have much more done on my car so I'm not sure if it will be worth bringing.
  5. It's been wet. Bunch-o-cars are broken. Students are all catching their breath. Auto-X folks are back in hibernation until next season. I'm bored and need a work space. That about sums it up.
  6. My stance on the 2nd A just changed.
  7. It's really hard to see. Your Honda is kind of in the way...
  8. I still have too many wheels and am trying to simplify life. Anyone want to buy the AMGs with tires? Open to offers...
  9. That disconnected hose would have caused all sorts of problems with your MAF. Glad Austin helped you get it sorted. Where did you take the car? I'm pretty sure you are required to take it to a certain dealership since you're part of the crew. Seriously though, where did you go?