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  1. I can send anyone the original cad file if they want it
  2. I hope you flip those two front tires before you get it back on the road
  3. Looking pretty abandoned
  4. I know but what can you do with no pedals, car or torque wrench at work
  5. Temporarily set up so I could walk it home from the office. The stem has since been flipped and slammed, steerer trimmed and pedals installed.
  6. 215/40r18 is almost the same overall diameter as 225/35r18 plus it's the Mini Cooper Works and BMW 135i m-sport (front) tire size so you usually get a couple better choices.
  7. That's my temporarily 5psi t5m! I needed 5mm spacers for the oem 18's to clear, but I thjnk it's because the power slot rotor hats are thinner than the oem s60r rotors that others are running
  8. It's amazingly comfortable even with the solid carbon saddle