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  1. Anybody else that can't wait for the new Black Cops to come out Tuesday? - Lee
  2. Bought this: Soldered to this: And this: Buttoned up and a shot of hot glue: Now my ancient POS laptop works again! Ghettofab - Lee
  3. I'm on a role, gotta get Lola in tip top shape before the big move. We're moving to the Columbus OH area in a little over a week. Today, was plug wires, did new plugs shortly after the engine swap, and salvaged the lower mileage cap off of the old engine before scraping it. I thought I had the rotor off of that engine too, but I couldn't find it. Anywho new wires, new-ish cap, same old unknown mileage rotor. I know no one cares about N/A cars. - Lee
  4. bigdaddylee82


  5. I've only ever used their engine flush, AMSOIL Syn. Non-Detergent in my air compressor (actually got slightly quieter), and now this air filter. I've read a lot about these filters, they're "magic," flow and filter better at the same time , it's also same media that Volant is using. I wanted a better filter, that would flow better than paper, and swore to myself that I'd never own a K&N again (Have one in my Jeep, and had one in my old Pontiac). This costs more than the K&N, but who knows maybe it's worth it, or maybe their marketing got to me. - Lee
  6. Blue means it's better right? Never used an EA filter on anything before, so I decided to experiment. - Lee
  7. Replaced this: Swapped these: Since I had most of the work done already; so that's what was making the clunking sound. 250K+ miles is about time to change right: I guess it was time for new bumps, this is a cheaper alternative "experiment"" All new strut hardware: No more clunk, clunk, rattle, rattle, and Julie is happy that the box of parts isn't in the living room anymore. - Lee
  8. Volvo 850 GLT