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  1. I will be there if it is not raining. Overcast, cold, snow, frogs, are all ok, but pouring rain is a deal breaker. They said booze is not allowed because it is partially a city owned park, but that is why god made solo cups. look for a dead stock, black XC. I hope to see a bunch of VS people and cars.
  2. the USA '98 V70 awd's were essentially the same as the 97's that were intruduced as the 850 awd for the rest of the world. i don't think the haldex was introduced until '01. and check your build date, my '98 was built in 11/97. :P
  3. how far did you drive with the spare? a few miles to the shop should not kill the car. my '98 XC came with the donut spare, and has worked fine the 2 times i have used it with no ill-effects. i'm surprised the dealer admitted the spare killed the the car, why would they supply the donut if it was not safe to use? it could be that the car is just 10 years old and was on its way out anyway. good luck.
  4. i am definitely NOT better off. 4 years ago i was living in New York City, not making much money, but my only expenses were rent and beer. i am making more money now, but it has not kept pace with inflation. and i don't care about the price of milk, i'm talking housing prices and gas prices, because they effect everything. now i am married and looking for a house in the stratosphericly expensive NYC metro area and there is nothing a young couple can get into. i'm just hoping i can lock in a low interest rate before the govenment has to start borrowing to pay off the record deficit were are running. i'm not blaming anyone, but myself.