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  1. Wow what a failure this place is. Why am I not surprised. See ya
  2. You can't get any more subtle than that can you. /sarcasm
  3. That's weird, the link to your bigoted yt feed mysteriously vanished.. Hmm I wonder.
  4. Lol it doesn't matter if anyone here backs me up. Its the internetz.. But when a guy says some wacist garbage I won't let them think it's okay whether or not ppl agree or not. Its neither here nor there. Deimos you're a s cumbag, the rest is history. Blah blah
  5. Suure. I see right thru your nonsense guy. Kick rocks.
  6. This aint even about you. Dafuq is wrong with you? While Deimos is just sitting back laughing his bigoted a s s off. Now just call me Reverend from now on. :-)
  7. Nice. Real nice toughguy LMFAO
  8. I just checked out your YouTube feed Deimos, I'm pretttty confident you're a bigot. I don't care who else my being offended pisses of, I'll call it as I see it.
  9. Whatever. Condone his behavior.
  10. Ok, there are two black gentlemen standing in the background. Jokester had to make a comment like that bc he's got a personal problem. I had to look closely as to why he was telling Martin to be careful. I missed it the first time. Deimos is a punk. Period.
  11. Wow, I should crack your neck. You racist punk. Now I see why everybody hates your dumb a s s.
  12. Got a ton of bulbs from the jy for the S430, nothing for the 850 this trip. Lol I fiddled with a '90s Ford ambulance at my old job at an MB shop. Enjoyed delivering body panels and bumpers in that thing!
  13. True. But do as you wish to your car, you're the one living with it.
  14. Yeah they keep them classy.