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  1. PHP is PHP ? LAMP???!!! Even more confused :blink:
  2. Ok, now I get it. What is PPH or PHP? J/K . I was only pulling your leg :lol:
  3. Whats a database and more importantly what the heck is PHP? So when Chuck says mySql , he doesnt mean His SQL?
  4. What would be the right price ? :blink:
  5. I think we agree on that too. But I also realised that we broke the rules; we just made comments irrelevant to the thread. <_<
  6. Something we all agree on :lol:
  7. that or 'Thats Hot' makes of think of the hilton chick.
  8. I often say Shut the Front door !
  9. Bible study IS on Sunday. You neve knew? J/K :lol: