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  1. First wash for the dailys since probably November. 60* and sunny in ohio today.
  2. She is fond of both German and Swedish cars. I just seal the headlights afterwards and reapply once every 6 months or so. Never had a pair yellow again. My Benz had the same issue.
  3. Im back! Didnt last a year without a Volvo. Picked up a new family hauler. Nice car but headlights needed sanded bad.
  4. Haha. I'm only doing it on the weekends or have projects that I work on throughout the week when Melissa can watch the kid.
  5. Daycare is expensive. Ive been a stay at home dad for almost a year now. We'll see if the kid speaks Finnish or English first lol.
  6. Yup hard to beat them for a family hauler. Its crazy the space we need to haul the kid, stroller, and two big dogs around.
  7. Guys this is bittersweet. First time in 19 years that I am completely Volvo-less. The S70 went to the east coast a couple weeks ago and I bought a CLS for daily driver duties. Might be looking for a newer XC90 to replace the wifes jeep sometime in the near future though.
  8. Thats awesome. Will Hell Moose Performance be the name for your business adventure?
  9. Lol you guys are silly. Theres another step where I grab a cold one before entering the sauna. But these old Volvos have been a part of my life since i was 16... sooo almost 19yrs. Strong nostalgia plus I know how to fix shit when it breaks.
  10. I'll join the Volvo up on ramps club again. Also added spacers to the 911.
  11. Everyone enjoying the heat in there.
  12. Lol. I've never thought the front end was bad. The 99's for sure but not the (newer) lights.
  13. How about more old volvo wagon content! Replaced oil cooler lines, brakes, endlinks, tie rods. I need to get a damn lift, crawling around is getting old lol.