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  1. Dude yes! So many sign relocations, as well as some flags for the shop and the front door of my apt
  2. Sweet Venetian Andy! Wish I could have made it to Carlisle this year, next year I'll be able to see you with all your stuff swapped over!
  4. Sent you a PM regarding an o-ring Greg. Just wanted to clarify something.
  5. Thanks Matt. I just need a 250V 4A internal amp fuse. Tried amazon before on other fuses and didn't get the correct ones, the diameter was way off (they were tiny) so not sure how to discern the difference.
  6. Where do you guys purchase fuses online? Radioshack apparently is completely out of business so yea.
  7. Got any black 850 body parts in that corner?
  8. Doing my best. Gotta practice beer drinking too. Gimme yo contacts!
  9. So excited for a meet here Val. Good luck with everything! Love the place and look forward to seeing updates here.