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  1. The team running now is http://kpaxracing.com/index.html Check it out! I have been following the World Challenge series from the beggining and cant recognize any of the guys in the pits from At Speed in KPAX crew but they are working really hard to design new parts and make this work this year. They are headquartered in Colorado. If there is a race close to you you should go and check it out for sure.
  2. Ahhh A viper out drag raced Pilgram in the 8 car to 5th place so 3R got 6th and Pobst got 8th!! We can all listen live at GoRaceTV.com What a great showing! Pilgram also got Fastest lap of the race award. That is saying alot for 3R to be competing already like this the second time out on the track.