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  1. I probably won't lower my next car right away, I want a smoother daily driver
  2. I never ran a skid plate....well mine didn't have one when I bought it and I was too cheap to buy one.
  3. Danny deletes anything you post on here
  5. That car is wrong on soooo many levels...
  6. I'm going to be selling my S70 T5 and looking to buy a 350z or a G35 in the next few months. Most people probably don't care, but I thought I should put it out there.
  7. So I was listening to the mens room on KISW today and some guy was on there talking about his S60R and how it was the fastest Volvo in the state....who was that?
  8. I called taylor at 4 saying that I could help him if he really wanted, but he said that he actually couldnt do it that day. I'm not entirely cold hearted.
  9. I have always used Maguires and they always seemed to do the job, but recently I got some Griot's leather treatment stuff and it was a great result.
  10. yea they are those, got some curb rash (slight) but i have had them on craigs list for awhile now and i need money for some new toys for my car. I currently have my Voxx MG ones