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  1. My check engine light went on at exactly the same moment I accepted that the clear on my roof is in fact going to peel. <le sigh>
  2. That thing is horrifying; a flesh rending beast from a sci-fi nightmare. Thank goodness they're largely herbivores.
  3. Totally!- the backstory is the guy is a professional stunt man and and he and his son have fun practicing and creeping people out. Actually, now that I think about it, I certainly don't mean to post any triggers for people so perhaps it should be taken down. Apologies. I saw it and imagined the fun bonding, not the trauma reminder.
  4. holy crap - awesome! . In other news; engine is stronger than ever, but clear is starting to haze on top and dash warp, seat tear, sigh.
  5. hmmm. my wipers work like that, too. only it doesn't snow here.
  6. filled it full of 2x4s and OSB. Floored it. Nothing fell out. Good day.
  7. I would love to try and build a really nice Datsun F10 hatchback.
  8. moar non-R bumper p80s plz
  9. car looks great! What load bars are you using on the rails?