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  1. I feel like an idiot for that one. I can't even spell Verizon............I could have just looked at my phone..............
  2. Hey, Have you gotten my order out yet? just wondering.
  3. Saw a dark colored XC70 with an ipd sticker on the liftgate on I-90W around Syracuse,NY on January 1st, 2012. The teenage girl in the back seat waved at me.
  4. Speaking Of the worlds most unsafe car....... Yes. It's a Chevette......(see Vauxhall) Sweet ride compared to the US counterpart. Then finally, the goofiest car to stance... (although they came All Wheel Drive, and a 4G will fit in it. So chances are, If it runs good, i will kick all.... Untill it breaks again)
  5. Saw two teenage girls in a Silver 00 V 70 XC with Mass plates on it and a set of wheels that looked just like the ones on that black one on the last page (Plates even looked close). Played cat and mouse for a little while on I-88 before they ducked off the Bainbridge NY exit.
  6. Is it weird that I'm from New York and I know EXACTLY where this picture was taken? Southbound Rt.18 In E. Weymouth at Winter St.?