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  1. Yes. we asked everybody if they knew where you were.
  2. Next year maybe we can get some extra large clothing items. I feel like chris farley doing fat guy in a little coat.
  3. bdimag honeyman noodle jnderr Volvo_go_go fastboy mesoam (n)a-game gdizzle SeedyRom JVC RBoy8 Moosepower JC 855 GLT-R (Jack) Neu GltGreco (mike) ping23 Oreo931 gmsgltr leroystew Fake-R Tommy. R Moose (Dan) Prezman26 (Mike) T5power - Corey aznpaintball111 fischmama DB855R flyfishing3 mike 64pvolvo1800 Paul 4EVA (Owen) EVL WAGN 7 VII 7 Logan2224 Jeph430 R850glt swedenlow scandalo KaptainKurt / Napoleon BONERpants / Kurt janskivolvo VolvoRacer850R Tizio volvo_s60turbo volvoskiah Ghost shadow Volvo5.0 Gigawit_Anteon FINN 83' Turbo FIORE
  4. damn someone has a nice house. i might have to come down there and rob you. that garage is good size for some mold making.
  5. So does this mean I can sell my left over stock of " Sucks" t-shirts and decals on the forum?
  6. Well it has always been my belief that VCOA was pretty lame anyway. I make no bones about it wherever and whenever they happen to be at the same meet I'm at. Personally, George @ VIVA has been a good friend to me over the years and I hate to see anyone bash on him. All I hear from people is that his stuff is a little pricey. George sells a lot of high end parts and parts that no one else even offers. He also stands behind his products and works with his customers to resolve issues. Unlike other nameless vendors on this site who promise Rica tunes but cant deliver. So you might pay a little bit more but you get the right parts, right away, the way it should be from someone who stands behind them. To me thats worth the extra cost. You pay your waiter for good service dont you? Whether or not George said it, I will say it. A lot of people on this forum are cheap plain and simple. I know this because I'm one of them. Im not afraid to admit it. I shop around and look for the best price too. I bash VS a lot. Even sometimes at the meets I put together for VS NE Crew members so I'm guilty on that count so feel free to tell people to never come to the meets I put together and to stop being my friend altogether. There are even a few posts on here where I say I never plan on logging on here again ever. Then in five minutes I'm back because there is nowhere else to go. When I first started posting here some 4 1/2 years ago this community was generally helpful and supportive. Now a days it seems like every write up or mod post gets overly cluttered with posts from people who have nothing nice to say at all. if they were trying to be helpful it would be one thing but they arent being helpful they're being straight up pricks. it seems like members just wait for a new post to go up so they can be the first to criticise its content. so in my mind the bashing is warranted. So maybe if people here were just a little nicer or kept their rude comments to themselves maybe I wouldnt bash them or VS so much. Also I feel it should be pointed out George drove some 400+miles to be at Carlisle. You were where exactly? Too busy come hang out with the people who give this site a heartbeat? I'd be ashamed.
  8. Apparently you can have your own mini myspace page here on VS now. I'm sure this will incite your wrath just a bit. I look forward to some crazy Travis rants to come.

  9. i havent had horns on my car in like 3 years i dont think it throws a code.
  10. stop by the reins deli exit and i'll roll with you guys.
  11. Chances are you'd be coming up 95 to 91 to 84 and 84 goes right by me. anyway let me know what you come up with.
  12. I'll be there. Rod I'd meet you at reins deli and we could roll from there maybe travis will join us too. also shameless plug for the EPL dyno day that im putting together the following saturday the 21st of october you guys know you want to come.