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  1. NM Evan

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    they can still have that, but then there are other such as myself that would rather diy and use/modify the design you created... everybody wins
  2. NM Evan

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    open source it! I've been working on the same, it'd be great if we could all work on these projects together as tmm9 has done for the tuning
  3. If someone can get me dimensions and perhaps a bushing, I could send it to my buddy who fabs poly bushings for longboards on a CNC.
  4. NM Evan

    Internet Posting Removal Act

    he couldn't wait a few days to take that pic? that pimple is staring right at me
  5. NM Evan

    Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    on another note, how were those freshies? Silverton is legit
  6. NM Evan

    Mobile Users Need Feedback

    can we just get this forum tapatalk enabled? I hate having to switch to a webbrowser for this site alone
  7. NM Evan

    Volvo V70 R

    Volvo V70 R
  8. NM Evan

    Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    If you find somebody here in ABQ, I can do the dirty work of running around for ya and mail it to you when it's done.
  9. NM Evan

    NM Evan