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  1. Move so I dont have to listen to you bitch.
  2. UA-603 or MA-P1, both are H rated. The Hydroedge is a T rated tire which by no means is a performance tire but a touring one. Sure you will get 70K out of them but the have no traction when compared to a UHP tire. Wheels magazine recently did a report on the MA-Z1 and MA-P1 and we faired very well in the both the Z rated segments and H rated segments. I have a the full article but it is very big, like 10mbs, PM me if you would like to read it.
  3. Well a lot of you probably do not know about Maxxis tires outside of bikes but we also make Ultra High Performance passenger car tires. I am in charge of sponsorship for the automotive division, we mainly sponsor rockcrawlers, but I also have a few drifters. We have a decent z rated tire that is very good. It was recently introduced in the US market but has been on the asian market with very good results for a few years. There are articles and what not on our website check it out and let me know if you are interested. As long as this car gets some type of press we could probably work something out. Also we can always use a display car for our SEMA booth, NOPI booth or any of the other PCR shows we go to. PM me if you have any questions.
  4. Brain fart, I meant yes and voted yes.
  5. I would vote for Rudy because he is Italian, obviously a good man.
  6. The reason I voted no is because all those darn frenchies drive in the left hand lane with thier salt covered mercury grand marquis on I75 through Atlanta going 55 on thier way down to florida. Anyone who lives in Atlanta knows the speed limit through the city is at least 80. Once they stop doing that I may start to like them, and may is a far stretch.