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  1. Right how about fixing up the forum before asking for money?May be I'll just stop clicking on this site 50 times a day and become a nonsupporting member. Sections we need back: Forum rules/ privacy policy Big project Events/meetings How-to/DIY Ability to attache files to a post
  2. I dont see your photos up there.It says there is 3 image.Also like I said I dont want to surrender the copyrights to my own photos without getting paid for it.The watermark has to go.
  3. Nope now a day later still can not chose category so the same error message is what I'm getting. I just noticed that uploaded photos get watermarked like the site owns them now.Just forget about it I will not use that section.
  4. Except that the gallery doesnt even let create an album hence can not upload a photo.Have to use a third party hosting site which ain't right.Tried newest FF and IE. I'd also like to express my opinion again about the troubleshooting section now being combined with the extensive how-to write ups.This makes both a mess. This is the message I'm getting when trying to create an album.In the the category there is a grayed out "members gallery" and it can not be changed.I just hope its temporary and its being worked on.
  5. Not bad so far loads easier on the phone.One little observation on my part if I may.Going trough all the how-to is very hard now mixed with all the throubleshooting posts.We all put effort contributing to this section IMO it does deserve its own section.