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  1. Beautiful weather here the last few days! So naturally we washed my car! :)

    1. 855RGurl


      Nice pics! Your car is Smokin!

  2. I posted the pics in an album in my gallery :)

  3. Where did you post the pics of your car? Trying to find them..... Hope you having a great day


  4. Stupid London roads broke my hub cap, and bent the lip of my wheel!!

    1. 855RGurl


      The roads here in Seattle are SO bad. The potholes are like a foot deep. These roads have ruined many wheels for me. Its super upsetting, Im almost ready to write the city. It is totally ridiculous. Especially when they are doing construction on other roads just to ad lanes and sh*t. FIX THE ROADS!!! HELLO!!! Just saying.... I feel your pain!

    2. VlvoGrl


      The road this happened on was just paved in the fall, so the city has no excuse! lol

  5. I posted a few pics of my car, they are from summer though, I'll have recent ones soon!

  6. We're still in London just into a bigger place now. It took so long and we didn't have to much help, so we are glad its over lol!

  7. Yah the weather is crappy here also. We even had some more snow! Where ya moving? Moving is a crazy process huh? If I was close Id help ya!

  8. Heeey! All is great! We've been moving so I haven't been on here in FOREVER!

    Don`t have many new photo`s yet, the weather has been super crappy here! lol I`ll put more up soon though!! :)

  9. Hey Cutie! Hope all is well. Any new pics of your car?

  10. Oh it's nothing special right now.

    Sophie is a beater from Newyork.

    With 110k, she's my baby Volvo and I have high expectations of turnin her around.

  11. haha I wanted to see your car! :P

  12. I think it's funny your profile says you are currently viewing mine, while I view yours.


  13. Off to the track!