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  1. I agree with the 20%. I have 30% up front with charcoal/grey interior. I like it, but wish it was just a bit darker. my rear windows are 20% and they look perfect.
  2. Einherjer


  3. got it from the group buy that Owned put together. it took about 4 months before it was finally finished, but this thing is sturdy as heck! also the mounting hardware is quality stuff. as far as i can tell, no corners were cut on this thing. overall im super happy with it, even though it took forever for it to get here. absolutely worth it in the end.
  4. just put my new front lip on. so far I'm loving it!
  5. if your posts were even somewhat relevant or useful, people probably wouldn't give you as much stuff as they do. too late to change that rep though.
  6. hmmm, its on a Saturday. i could probably go.
  7. Damn you! I can’t even lurk on these forums without losing.
  8. I hope you now realize that there is a good chance that this thread is going to be full of people simply saying “I lose” or something to that degree?
  9. About a year and a half ago... I just lurk for the most part. I’m not like Kevin posting random and useless stuff on every thread. i almost posted that on this thread today, but thought it would be to irrelevant for everyone else. That’s now 3 times you have made me lose this damn game today!
  10. Agreed. poor handling and low power output combined with an outrageous price makes me wonder why people love them. Maybe you have to own one to understand what they are all about.
  11. give or take a couple, i stole some of them last weekend.
  12. The IPD plug wires are made by kingsborn, but they still are horrible plug wires. they dont like being run hot, else they fall appart as you can see in Kalvins pics. Bougicord is a far better brand, and they cost significantly less then the IPD plug wires. its one of the few products IPD needs to pull off their shelfs and replace it with somthing better.