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  1. Anyone want my extra chef knife cheap? 9" Wushtof Ikon. Tony, Ben, Mabel, Joseph, Josephine, David, Matthew, Ryan, Mike, Alex, Robert

    1. masonlarson


      Is this still available?

  2. Check out the CEO / Founder of Yankee candles car collection...

  3. Has anyone used those cheap eBay printer ink cartridges? I don't feel like spending $60 on on Epson 78's.

  4. I hate to say this but the S70 pulls just as hard as the Mustang on the highway. Lol

  5. "My son got into culinary school!" What he do, open the door?

  6. Anyone have an extra 850 winter, sport, eco tranny mode switches?

  7. Staying overnight (in the waiting room) Carla's grandfather is in the ICU :'(

  8. You've reached Arnold's pizza shop. I'm not here right now, cause I'm hunting pepperoni.

  9. I don't know who my VolvoSpeed Secret Santa is but thanks for the awesomeness!

  10. So the screen stopped lighting up on this POS droid, so pm me here if need be. #godImissmyiPhone

  11. This corporate chef stuff is wearing thin....

  12. Might be picking up a '98 S70 T5 and a '90 245. #winterbeaters #ihaveaproblem

  13. I've been looking for a reason to get a new bank, and Bank of America just monkeyed me. #bankofamerica #didmedirty

  14. Calling all BMW friends, my brother in law is looking at a 2002 BMW 325xi Wagon, 120k, Look at me, I think I am witty. What's the problems/ what to look for? Max Taub Billy Tsikrikis Kevin Thomas Hughes Christopher Bartos

  15. Literally took me 30 mins to open that group buy 850 lip from England. #stillmonkeyingscratchedittoo

  16. Anyone need a 14mm titanium nail? Never used. $20 shipped

  17. It drives me crazy when people hit their lock/alarm button for their car like 10 times.... ALL YOU NEED IS TWICE AT THE MOST.

  18. Some of the best grass fed beef I had in a long time. Plus their little cafe makes amazing burgers with their beef, Can't wait to cook this hanger I got from them.

  19. I got a new Rockauto discount code if anyone needs it.

  20. Who wants to guess how many reservations I have tonight? -___-