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  1. "Did you just fart on my kindle?" Yes.

  2. "My son got into culinary school!" What he do, open the door?

  3. "You're hotter than a Puerto Rican picnic" Lmfao

  4. $30! for 8! Fusion replacement razor$!!?!?!?!!?? kick a Jesus in the face!!

  5. $300 Super Bowl boxes 4th qtr pays $15k... Hmmm...

  6. $40+ in bottle returns today. 800+ bottles....

  7. 18 days till Tool!

  8. 2 phone calls and 3 emails and I have my parts.... Volvo people own all! (lot better than my mustangers) ;)

  9. Aaaaaaaannnndd I smell axle grease.

  10. About to walk on the frozen lake.

  11. anyone have a really good camera or is a good photographer that's wants to take pics of my car for a Volvo contest? $?

  12. Anyone have a single din radio for sale? With aux preferb.

  13. Anyone have an extra 850 winter, sport, eco tranny mode switches?

  14. Anyone have good advise on a new sound bar? 32"-40"+

  15. Anyone need a 14mm titanium nail? Never used. $20 shipped

  16. Anyone see the new "GSR" Beetle? The stickers on the hood are well...

  17. Anyone want my extra chef knife cheap? 9" Wushtof Ikon. Tony, Ben, Mabel, Joseph, Josephine, David, Matthew, Ryan, Mike, Alex, Robert

    1. masonlarson


      Is this still available?

  18. At #millermotorcar yum yum

  19. At full throttle a dragster or funny car produces a 2.6 on the Richter scale. (Earthquake Status) #noyourhondacan'tdothat

  20. At palace theater in stamford seeing brian regan live with the wifey front row and center.

  21. attn volvo friends, I need a new hood, headlight, header panel and maybe radiator. :(

  22. back in albany till tom night