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  1. The last meet we had in Paramus turned out pretty well so let's try it again!

    What: A chance for us to get together and giggle at each other's cars. Also, we'll probably eat at Chili's

    When: Sunday, February 19th, 2012 @ 11 AM

    (If there is snow, rain, a tornado, we will just have this the following Sunday)

    Where: The Chili's in Paramus, NJ

    More on the Where: The Chili's is on the East side of the Garden State Plaza in Paramus. It is attached to the On the Border and right next to Rt. 17.

    There is also an exit for Garden State Plaza off of Rt 4. The Chili's is NOT in Garden State Plaza, but is right next to its parking lot.

    There is a big long parking lot next to the Chili's. This is where we will meet.

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