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  1. nothing more expensive than a cheap German car.

  2. What's brown and hides in the attic? The Diarrhea Of Anne Frank

  3. wishes car companies would bring back pop-up headlights

  4. Being a Red Sox Fan is a real disorder and should be taken seriously. There is still no known cure for Red Sox Fans and sympathy does not help, but we can raise awareness. 100% of Yankee fans will repost this... Simply because we know how to copy and paste....... as well as tie our shoe

  5. Target had a clearance on motor oil... we got 18 Quarts for $24.00......winning... lol

  6. Seeing Jerry SPRINGER at 3 Today!!

  7. work 10-10 tomorrow, 3-8 Sun. And going to see Jerry Springer Monday!!

  8. SPEED KILLS! so drive a honda and live forever.

  9. finally got to use my new chef knife.

  10. Yay iPD is going to replace my grill!

  11. wish's I had a garage for rainy days... I'd have some much more room for activities!

  12. Yay! Volvo dealer gave me the wrong rivets!

  13. Just cleaned my exhaust tip with brake cleaner in my house and now I'm light headed as stuff!.... but it's shiny

  14. Starting my Other job tomorrow.... Finally!

  15. if anyone was wondering how Absinthe and Tonic taste...... its the worst thing ever.

  16. has been waiting a week for 98 Gig's of Top Gear to DL.

  17. HAS A HEAD COLD AND FEELS LIKE stuff. But people need to eat.

  18. Has short ribs in the oven braising, and a hippie trying to fix my computer.

  19. SOLD my iphone and lost everyones number . So just inbox it to me

  20. Just got tickets for the Steve Wilkos show! There now with the wifey.

  21. Where the French toast did this snow come from?

  22. $40+ in bottle returns today. 800+ bottles....

  23. My computer won't stop restarting, think I have a virus if some sort, anybody have any pointers?

  24. Jets pulled a Jets. Another 42 years? Hahaha

  25. Off to the superbowl!!!!! Yea green Bay!!!