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  1. Yea Green Bay!! 5 minutes in! Like were playing a college team! Lol

  2. So far the thing I said the most today is..... "These poking Cat's!".

  3. Can't wait to get my tax money, IPD is going to love me! :)

  4. back too work, spent my break cleaning out my girls computer of viruses and all that noise.

  5. S70 AWD won't start but the motor is turning over...... Help? Lol

  6. Cara cara oranges and clementines galore! Love me some citrus.

  7. my check engine light came on for my secondary air injection system (P0410), how do i know if its the valve, pump, vacuum controller/relay?

  8. Oh Unibroue how is you'r beer sooo good and everyone else's shyt?

  9. Thank god green bay is my other fav team.

  10. Getting my always sunny in philadelphia on.

  11. There is no point of asking someone what they want for Christmas and not getting it especially if it's in their price range, abundant, and easy to get. Having smart, hard working parents that make wise decisions makes me spoiled I guess.

  12. Wants a bowl of CreepieO's.

  13. Going to Clifton park tonight.

  14. Red African tea with tupelo honey and lemon makes my night complete.

  15. Doesn't think the Latin Americans appreciated the Pantera or NIN I played during prep today. :)

  16. Got the stomach bug from the wifey and feel like stuff.

  17. My baby is sick and wishes she gets better asap.

  18. I cannot believe the Giants just pulled a "Jets".

  19. Out of work, who's got the hook ups for buying beer in Connecticut after 9?

  20. Work at 4 then day off. Praise Allah.

  21. God I love Penn & Tellers Show I'm dumb.