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  1. Who does upholstery? I need the suede on my new steering wheel fixed.

  2. Who knows about older cameras? Just got one at a tag sale cause it was cheap and would like to learn about it.

  3. who wants to come and roll my fenders??

  4. Who wants to guess how many reservations I have tonight? -___-

  5. Who's going to Eurojam tomorrow?

  6. Why is there so many different kinds of vibrators and dildo on GROUPON? You women of questionable morals. are nasty, and don't act like you don't but them cause each one say a couple 100+ sold. Lol

  7. wish's I had a garage for rainy days... I'd have some much more room for activities!

  8. wishes car companies would bring back pop-up headlights

  9. work 10-10 tomorrow, 3-8 Sun. And going to see Jerry Springer Monday!!

  10. Work at 4 then day off. Praise Allah.

  11. Work then, time travel (aka blacking out from booze)

  12. Yay iPD is going to replace my grill!

  13. Yay! Volvo dealer gave me the wrong rivets!

  14. yay....rockford fosgate prime's came in.... now i can finish my stereo.

  15. Yea Green Bay!! 5 minutes in! Like were playing a college team! Lol

  16. Yesterday I lost my wallet so I call Bank of America and tell them I lost my wallet and need to cancel my card, convo; Me: I lost my wallet, I need to cancel my cards Lady: what's your credit car #? Me: I don't know I lost my wallet Lady: for security purposes what's the 3 digit # on the back of the card? Me: I don't know I lost my wallet -___- Lady: for security purposes what's your driver license number? Me: I DONT KNOW I LOST MY WALLET Lady: oh yea...

  17. You've reached Arnold's pizza shop. I'm not here right now, cause I'm hunting pepperoni.

  18. your mom goes to college


  20. where's all the westchester and fairfeild county Volvos at?