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  1. The new Zagg HD screen proctor is pretty damn good.

  2. Had to bring the wifey here. Love this place

  3. The lumineers covered Talking heads - this must be the place. Wow such voice. Much enjoy.

  4. At #millermotorcar yum yum

  5. Volvo sent me several #wagonspotting decals if anyone wants one.

  6. Slammed LS400 for sale near my parents house, pretty clean. Zach Coppola Adam Garstka

  7. Nothing like blasting Judith on Christmas in you parents house. ;)

  8. Fappy derpmas Jebus!

  9. Redd's apple ale sucks. Merry Xmass my friends and family.

  10. Well.. I found the smell in the theater! Puke. O___o

  11. Listening to NIN's Corona Radiata while driving in thick thick ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD fog is pretty creepy.

  12. Why is there so many different kinds of vibrators and dildo on GROUPON? You women of questionable morals. are nasty, and don't act like you don't but them cause each one say a couple 100+ sold. Lol

  13. NYC banned electric cigs indoors only on the basis to avoid confrontations and not to hurt idiots feeble minds. Ridiculous.

  14. $300 Super Bowl boxes 4th qtr pays $15k... Hmmm...

  15. New toy. #Wüsthof #Epicure

  16. Really impressed with the food.

  17. Employeeeee holiday party. Aka top shelf open bar time.

  18. Yesterday I lost my wallet so I call Bank of America and tell them I lost my wallet and need to cancel my card, convo; Me: I lost my wallet, I need to cancel my cards Lady: what's your credit car #? Me: I don't know I lost my wallet Lady: for security purposes what's the 3 digit # on the back of the card? Me: I don't know I lost my wallet -___- Lady: for security purposes what's your driver license number? Me: I DONT KNOW I LOST MY WALLET Lady: oh yea...

  19. Anyone see the new "GSR" Beetle? The stickers on the hood are well...

  20. I think Molly Shannon was the shittiest SNL cast member, everything she did was annoying.

  21. Quick compound on the new hood. :)

  22. I love not being able to find my really good watch the day before I want to wear it before a wedding.... :/

  23. Drinking homemade Coquito made by a old Puerto Rican lady. I crapped my pants and I love how it feels FIRE!

  24. Pro tip; don't give your dogs to much turkey. It's not good for them.

  25. Watching "The Promotion" god I love this movie.