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  1. back too work, spent my break cleaning out my girls computer of viruses and all that noise.

  2. Bar for the fooseball game, Hit me up.

  3. Barrett Jackson time!

  4. Being a Red Sox Fan is a real disorder and should be taken seriously. There is still no known cure for Red Sox Fans and sympathy does not help, but we can raise awareness. 100% of Yankee fans will repost this... Simply because we know how to copy and paste....... as well as tie our shoe

  5. bored w/ a Chateaubriand in my fridge (from Robert Albright) :) what to do?

  6. Bored, making guacamole.

  7. Calling all BMW friends, my brother in law is looking at a 2002 BMW 325xi Wagon, 120k, Look at me, I think I am witty. What's the problems/ what to look for? Max Taub Billy Tsikrikis Kevin Thomas Hughes Christopher Bartos

  8. Can't wait to get my tax money, IPD is going to love me! :)

  9. Cara cara oranges and clementines galore! Love me some citrus.

  10. Check out the CEO / Founder of Yankee candles car collection...

  11. Cleaning the house and playing all the family values tours CD's.

  12. Cleaning the house with Dimmu Borgir makes it easier... :)

  13. cold Chinese food is great for a hangover!

  14. Dah monkey is juice? I want some drink!

  15. damn rain...guess im doing the gaskets tomorrow. :(

  16. Dead blow with the life from the low I’ll be massive conquistador Give me sword, show me the door Metal heavy, shocked at the core Gimme toro, gimme some more Gimme toro, gimme some more Pressurize, neutralize Deep fried, gimme some more!

  17. Deadmau5 kinda night{

  18. did over 100 tonight at the club in about 1.5 hours but it felt easy....

  19. Doesn't think the Latin Americans appreciated the Pantera or NIN I played during prep today. :)

  20. Don't you love it when religious weirdos are wrong. . . . . Like always!

  21. Drinking homemade Coquito made by a old Puerto Rican lady. I crapped my pants and I love how it feels FIRE!

  22. eat stuff and die Boston

  23. Employeeeee holiday party. Aka top shelf open bar time.

  24. every time I go to try and put my fender blinkers on it starts to rain!