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  1. Installing a new kitchen faucet = the worst hour of my life and counting.

  2. Holly crap I'm going to troll the stuff out of the Marijuana makes you violent page. Lol Brandon Porter Shall we?

  3. I Need sizes for TurboPricks shirts, I'm prob going to do black shirt with beige logo and font, And if someone can get me a name of a font that looks like Hellen Keller wrote it that would be great. Any suggestions besides crush it would be great, I'll be selling the shirts at cost plus shipping.

  4. Their "honey sriracha" wings in the hot bar don't taste of honey or sriracha and the meatball were cold and under seasoned. But the man N' cheese was descent. Next time I'm just sticking to the roasted chicken. ;)

  5. It's nice having a laptop again, tablets get annoying after a while.

  6. "You're hotter than a Puerto Rican picnic" Lmfao

  7. Tune up on the 244 was top 5 easiest things I've ever done on any car. :)

  8. Some asshole just hit my uncle on his Harley and took off in the Albany area and he's in critical condition, any info or you see a car with recent damage let me know.

  9. Anyone have a single din radio for sale? With aux preferb.

  10. Just watched a old ('02?) SNL with Alec Baldwin hosting and P.O.D performed, they were really good band back in the day even though they're "religious".

  11. I'll be sitting in the window with my paintball gun for whoever wants to mess with my cars tonight.

  12. I wanna a hot dog truck and call it Fupa Franks.

  13. I pushed the parts car in the driveway and these poking neighbors are still complaining and it's not even illegal, it's on our property I'm about to lose my poking mind. Anybody want to help me parted out the rest today so I can get rid of it before I Flip stuff on somebody?

  14. Government Shutdown? Who's fault is this besides shitty overpaid old ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD congressmen who prob use the N word on a daily basis?

  15. Dah monkey is juice? I want some drink!

  16. I feel like I got hit by a truck... This sucks peesh.

  17. Watching The Conjuring, pretty creep especially since it happened in CT •____•

  18. Some old lady pulls up to me at a deli in black 855 and looks at mine and says "nice Volvo but why is it so low? Is it broken?" Lol

  19. Silversun pickups! with Mona. :p

  20. Top Gear, comedians in cars getting coffe, Dexter, and seeing silversun pickups tonight. I love Mondays... Suckers. Lol ;)

  21. Thanks everyone for letting me know it Monday. I get it, you work banker hours. Now get over it so I can enjoy my day off.

  22. Tonkatsu for Breakfast? FYFG!

  23. Who does upholstery? I need the suede on my new steering wheel fixed.