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  1. holy stuff, you can buy hot-tubs on eBay!

  2. Horchata and taco's

  3. how come low life's drink miller highlife?

  4. I cannot believe the Giants just pulled a "Jets".

  5. I don't know who my VolvoSpeed Secret Santa is but thanks for the awesomeness!

  6. I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor And when I die I expect to find Him laughing

  7. I feel like I got hit by a truck... This sucks peesh.

  8. I found a 2001 C70 HT coupe and a 1998 S70 T5 M for sale at the same dealer... I know where I'm going tomorrow!

  9. I got a new Rockauto discount code if anyone needs it.

  10. I guess this place is good for something.... $5 long island's

  11. I hate to say this but the S70 pulls just as hard as the Mustang on the highway. Lol

  12. I have all this booze in my house and I never want to drink it, literally a 32 bottle wine fridge filled with good beer and wine and a freezer full of bad ideas...and I'm a 1/4 Irish. (Lol) what's wrong with me. :) (besides the fact that all my friends live 2 hours north or 24 hours south)

  13. I heard Tebows favorite song is "Starf*ckers" by Nine Inch Nails, but..... I could be wrong.

  14. I love not being able to find my really good watch the day before I want to wear it before a wedding.... :/

  15. I Need sizes for TurboPricks shirts, I'm prob going to do black shirt with beige logo and font, And if someone can get me a name of a font that looks like Hellen Keller wrote it that would be great. Any suggestions besides crush it would be great, I'll be selling the shirts at cost plus shipping.

  16. I poking hate when people say Volvo parts are expensive.... if you pay full price at a dealer maybe, but there's tons of other places to get parts cheaper and they don't realize that you only have to by that part once cause it's well made! plus american car parts are cheap cause their stuff!... you get what you pay for!

  17. I pushed the parts car in the driveway and these poking neighbors are still complaining and it's not even illegal, it's on our property I'm about to lose my poking mind. Anybody want to help me parted out the rest today so I can get rid of it before I Flip stuff on somebody?

  18. I think I'm going to paint the Peg's (my wheel's) white!

  19. I think Molly Shannon was the shittiest SNL cast member, everything she did was annoying.

  20. I think the 855 needs new hub bearings, fcuking Stamford and it's stuff roads!! hope I don't need a press!! fml....

  21. I wanna a hot dog truck and call it Fupa Franks.

  22. I'll be sitting in the window with my paintball gun for whoever wants to mess with my cars tonight.

  23. I'll kill you Leonard Nimoy.

  24. I'm glad SnapBacks are cool again so now I can wear my John Force hats without looking like total white trash. ;)

  25. I'm no bully but I don't understand these girls who are homeliest and most unfortunate looking things ever posting videos on YouTube of them singing a terrible song, in which the get made fun of but get like millions of hits and then get called hero's?!?!?! What?!! is it the year of the bridge trolls?