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  1. I've been looking for a reason to get a new bank, and Bank of America just monkeyed me. #bankofamerica #didmedirty

  2. if anyone was wondering how Absinthe and Tonic taste...... its the worst thing ever.

  3. In the market for a new laptop. Who's got what?

  4. Installing a new kitchen faucet = the worst hour of my life and counting.

  5. Is going to look at 765 turbo that I really wan... Late Xmas gift to myself. Post pics later.

  6. is in lake george till friday!

  7. is making my own wire harness for the euro fender blinkers I'm putting on the 855, about $40 cheaper than IPD's...

  8. is there a new top gear tonight?

  9. Isn't it nice Sugar and spice Luring disco dollies To a life of vice Sex Dwarf!

  10. It drives me crazy when people hit their lock/alarm button for their car like 10 times.... ALL YOU NEED IS TWICE AT THE MOST.

  11. it's called Slammed mom! Gosh!

  12. It's nice having a laptop again, tablets get annoying after a while.

  13. It's not how you stand buy your car, it's how you race your car.

  14. Jets pulled a Jets. Another 42 years? Hahaha

  15. Just cleaned my exhaust tip with brake cleaner in my house and now I'm light headed as stuff!.... but it's shiny

  16. just got home from work, cooked for 500+..... now I'm going to albany to see the Fam and drive the Mustang!

  17. Just got my tickets to go see TOOL at Mohegan Sun!

  18. Just got tickets for the Steve Wilkos show! There now with the wifey.

  19. Just hit a 6-10" deep puddle that was like 20ft long doing 45 in the middle of the boston post road and it sent me side ways down the middle of the street for like 50ft.... It was awesome.

  20. just on a Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD on eBay for $300..monkey yea fat girl!!

  21. Just realized that a there is a whole section/ room a missed at the auto show in nyc for buicks, caddies, and chevy muscle that i missed when i was their!...fml

  22. just realized that I'm going to have 4 different brands of speaker in the wagon... like a do reviews for a living or

  23. just smoked a Audi allroad.

  24. just sneezed on one of my cat's....scared the shyt out of her...