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  1. just spent like $100 on Joy Division records... now Ipd shopping to do!

  2. just spent the last 3 hrs. taking my 850 radio apart, so.... no more radio.

  3. Just watched a old ('02?) SNL with Alec Baldwin hosting and P.O.D performed, they were really good band back in the day even though they're "religious".

  4. Listening to NIN's Corona Radiata while driving in thick thick ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD fog is pretty creepy.

  5. Literally took me 30 mins to open that group buy 850 lip from England. #stillmonkeyingscratchedittoo

  6. looking for a one bedroom apartment in fairfield county for the wifey and I.... hit me up!

  7. love that the Volvo dealer tells me my parts are on back order when I go in to get them the day their supposed to be there!

  8. making chicken tikka masala for the wifey.

  9. Matrix, Blu-Ray... Don't bother me for the next 2 hours.

  10. Might be picking up a '98 S70 T5 and a '90 245. #winterbeaters #ihaveaproblem

  11. moon pasta.... Krystle Ann Lucille O'Connor.

  12. More booing in sanfran than cheering. G-Men!

  13. mudvayne nothing to gein

  14. Mum's gonna fix it all soon. Mum's comin' round to put it back the way it ought to be. Learn to swim. monkey L Ron Hubbard and monkey all his clones. monkey all these gun-toting Hip gangster wannabes. Learn to swim. monkey retro anything. monkey your tattoos. monkey all you junkies and monkey your short memory. Learn to swim. monkey smiley glad-hands, With hidden agendas.

  15. Musical guest on snl is not.. Um.... Listenable.

  16. My baby is sick and wishes she gets better asap.

  17. My cats always watch me stuff.

  18. my check engine light came on for my secondary air injection system (P0410), how do i know if its the valve, pump, vacuum controller/relay?

  19. My computer won't stop restarting, think I have a virus if some sort, anybody have any pointers?

  20. My dads not a cellphone! Duhhh!!

  21. my Facebook was hacked by a beautiful chubby girl.

  22. My Volvo 850 is for sale! please PM me if interested!

  23. My volvos love this damn weather, especially the turbo.

  24. needs a new header gasket... FML..