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  1. I have all this booze in my house and I never want to drink it, literally a 32 bottle wine fridge filled with good beer and wine and a freezer full of bad ideas...and I'm a 1/4 Irish. (Lol) what's wrong with me. :) (besides the fact that all my friends live 2 hours north or 24 hours south)

  2. The new Land Rover Evoque is so pretty in person that it makes me mad.

  3. No one go on the Merritt from exit 30-34. stuff show accident!

  4. White Plains is bananas!

  5. Barrett Jackson time!

  6. Good stuff giants.

  7. bored w/ a Chateaubriand in my fridge (from Robert Albright) :) what to do?

  8. So Saab was bought? Why won't this car company get the hint and DIE! Saturn, Pontiac, Plymouth got the memo.

  9. These hoarders really bring the hate out of me. I would pull the animals out and lock in 80% of these OCD selfish douche nozzles and burn down house with them in it and then build Salvation Army there.

  10. Is going to look at 765 turbo that I really wan... Late Xmas gift to myself. Post pics later.

  11. some guy on pass time on speed ch. just put his 10 sec notchback in the wall real hard....dumped the clutch so hard too....poor Stang :(

  12. we got a S70 glt with a mint tan interior and 130k on it being parted out hit me up (timing belt is fine, front end damage)

  13. My volvos love this damn weather, especially the turbo.

  14. Super Bowl boxes!

  15. Put my new wiper arms in, what a difference.

  16. Horchata and taco's

  17. Going to jimmy seasides tonight for some drinks. Party on Garth.

  18. At full throttle a dragster or funny car produces a 2.6 on the Richter scale. (Earthquake Status) #noyourhondacan'tdothat

  19. The wifeys snore sounds like a turbo spool... ShaaWingg!

  20. Just got my tickets to go see TOOL at Mohegan Sun!

  21. Peace out Tittsburg Feelers.

  22. My cats always watch me stuff.

  23. Volvo couldn't have made the blower resistor connector wire shorter even if the tried.

  24. This poking old man just slammed is car door into my rear door so hard it shook my car, I gave him the death stare and he just wave and waddles into the bank... But it hit the black molding, no damage Lucky monkey.