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  1. new header in on thurs...

  2. New south park had me in tears.

  3. New toy. #Wüsthof #Epicure

  4. No one go on the Merritt from exit 30-34. stuff show accident!

  5. Nothing like blasting Judith on Christmas in you parents house. ;)

  6. nothing more expensive than a cheap German car.

  7. NYC banned electric cigs indoors only on the basis to avoid confrontations and not to hurt idiots feeble minds. Ridiculous.

  8. of course the worst hurricane to hit NY/CT since 1938 is gonna be on my BirthDay!!! FML!!

  9. Off to do a cooking demo for Abilis.

  10. Off to the superbowl!!!!! Yea green Bay!!!

  11. Oh sky cake, why are you so delicious?

  12. Oh Unibroue how is you'r beer sooo good and everyone else's shyt?

  13. Out of work, who's got the hook ups for buying beer in Connecticut after 9?

  14. Party on Garth! Why am I at work. ;) lol

  15. Paula Dean is making a butter bacon burger as I type.

  16. Peace out Tittsburg Feelers.

  17. Pretty hammered. Might do a passionate Jeff Feola Random car guy rant. ;)

  18. Pro tip; don't give your dogs to much turkey. It's not good for them.

  19. Pulled my back out. Luckily on a day off -________-

  20. Put my new wiper arms in, what a difference.

  21. putting the blinkers in my fenders...

  22. Quick compound on the new hood. :)

  23. Real men don't eat egg whites.

  24. Really impressed with the food.

  25. Recognize the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE OF 1915 TODAY! never again!! I honor the memories of my Great grandparents along with 1.5 million other fellow Armenians who were killed on April 24th 1915 this year it falls on Easter Sunday millions of Americans will pray & celebrate Easter& Commemorate the GENOCIDE, they were the first Christians in the World.