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  1. Tool cover band was Amazing and so was the NIN and Rage cover bands before them!

  2. TOOL cover band tonight at Seaside's... I know where *I'm* going to be tonight.....

  3. anyone have a really good camera or is a good photographer that's wants to take pics of my car for a Volvo contest? $?

  4. finally got my power back on!! and thank you every body for the birthday wishes!!

  5. of course the worst hurricane to hit NY/CT since 1938 is gonna be on my BirthDay!!! FML!!

  6. looking for a one bedroom apartment in fairfield county for the wifey and I.... hit me up!

  7. the rear end of my 855 is way too high...

  8. is there a new top gear tonight?

  9. it's called Slammed mom! Gosh!

  10. new header in on thurs...

  11. Red Plasti Dip on the pegs?.....yup! now just to find a store that has it...

  12. $30! for 8! Fusion replacement razor$!!?!?!?!!?? kick a Jesus in the face!!

  13. mudvayne nothing to gein

  14. Deadmau5 kinda night{

  15. the Volvo dealer has very soft toilet paper.

  16. damn rain...guess im doing the gaskets tomorrow. :(

  17. fixing the exhaust leak on the 855 tomorrow so I stop sounding like all the piece of stuff honda civics in stamford and PoCho....... ((damn Spaniards have no taste, especially when it comes to stickers, fake scoops/vents/port holes..))

  18. needs a new header gasket... FML..

  19. is in lake george till friday!

  20. just smoked a Audi allroad.

  21. making chicken tikka masala for the wifey.

  22. happy Anniversary to my beautiful girly girl, with mad gumby gold, BAAMMM!!

  23. how come low life's drink miller highlife?