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  1. Party on Garth! Why am I at work. ;) lol

  2. "Did you just fart on my kindle?" Yes.

  3. They should change their name.

  4. Has anyone used STi brand ignition coils? (Not Scooby)

  5. Pretty hammered. Might do a passionate Jeff Feola Random car guy rant. ;)

  6. Some say he knows 2 facts about ducks, and they're both wrong.

  7. About to walk on the frozen lake.

  8. This is the first Sunday I've had off in a really long time, and top gears on like all day. :)

  9. Cleaning the house and playing all the family values tours CD's.

  10. Paula Dean is making a butter bacon burger as I type.

  11. Bored, making guacamole.

  12. What's good on Netflix right now?

  13. Watching "The Promotion" god I love this movie.

  14. It's nice having a laptop again, tablets get annoying after a while.

  15. Aaaaaaaannnndd I smell axle grease.

  16. Oh sky cake, why are you so delicious?

  17. Who knows about older cameras? Just got one at a tag sale cause it was cheap and would like to learn about it.

  18. Just hit a 6-10" deep puddle that was like 20ft long doing 45 in the middle of the boston post road and it sent me side ways down the middle of the street for like 50ft.... It was awesome.

  19. I'm glad SnapBacks are cool again so now I can wear my John Force hats without looking like total white trash. ;)

  20. In the market for a new laptop. Who's got what?

  21. Pulled my back out. Luckily on a day off -________-

  22. I guess this place is good for something.... $5 long island's

  23. "You're hotter than a Puerto Rican picnic" Lmfao

  24. Installing a new kitchen faucet = the worst hour of my life and counting.