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  2. Super Bowl boxes!

  3. Target had a clearance on motor oil... we got 18 Quarts for $24.00......winning... lol

  4. tax check just came in! hello IPD!

  5. Taxes are done! Suck it IRS!

  6. Thank god green bay is my other fav team.

  7. Thank god I have all my Giants hats and jerseys still ;)...its good to like 2 teams. Lol

  8. Thanks everyone for letting me know it Monday. I get it, you work banker hours. Now get over it so I can enjoy my day off.

  9. That doon coon bin laden is dead!

  10. That new commercial with the rice flour is great.

  11. The average age in my kitchen out of 10 people is 49.8! Lol

  12. The lumineers covered Talking heads - this must be the place. Wow such voice. Much enjoy.

  13. The new Land Rover Evoque is so pretty in person that it makes me mad.

  14. The new Zagg HD screen proctor is pretty damn good.

  15. the rear end of my 855 is way too high...

  16. the Volvo dealer has very soft toilet paper.

  17. The wifeys snore sounds like a turbo spool... ShaaWingg!

  18. Their "honey sriracha" wings in the hot bar don't taste of honey or sriracha and the meatball were cold and under seasoned. But the man N' cheese was descent. Next time I'm just sticking to the roasted chicken. ;)

  19. There is no point of asking someone what they want for Christmas and not getting it especially if it's in their price range, abundant, and easy to get. Having smart, hard working parents that make wise decisions makes me spoiled I guess.

  20. These 235/40/18's really hate the snow.

  21. These hoarders really bring the hate out of me. I would pull the animals out and lock in 80% of these OCD selfish douche nozzles and burn down house with them in it and then build Salvation Army there.

  22. They should change their name.

  23. This corporate chef stuff is wearing thin....

  24. This is the first Sunday I've had off in a really long time, and top gears on like all day. :)