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  1. just realized that I'm going to have 4 different brands of speaker in the wagon... like a do reviews for a living or

  2. That doon coon bin laden is dead!

  3. moon pasta.... Krystle Ann Lucille O'Connor.

  4. At palace theater in stamford seeing brian regan live with the wifey front row and center.

  5. just spent like $100 on Joy Division records... now Ipd shopping to do!

  6. Just realized that a there is a whole section/ room a missed at the auto show in nyc for buicks, caddies, and chevy muscle that i missed when i was their!...fml

  7. where's all the westchester and fairfeild county Volvos at?

  8. back in albany till tom night

  9. just got home from work, cooked for 500+..... now I'm going to albany to see the Fam and drive the Mustang!

  10. Recognize the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE OF 1915 TODAY! never again!! I honor the memories of my Great grandparents along with 1.5 million other fellow Armenians who were killed on April 24th 1915 this year it falls on Easter Sunday millions of Americans will pray & celebrate Easter& Commemorate the GENOCIDE, they were the first Christians in the World.


  12. My Volvo 850 is for sale! please PM me if interested!

  13. is making my own wire harness for the euro fender blinkers I'm putting on the 855, about $40 cheaper than IPD's...

  14. tax check just came in! hello IPD!

  15. I found a 2001 C70 HT coupe and a 1998 S70 T5 M for sale at the same dealer... I know where I'm going tomorrow!

  16. cold Chinese food is great for a hangover!

  17. When I was a kid I didn't have an XBox or a Wii. I had a bike and a curfew, the street lights. Mom didn't call my cell, she yelled outside, "time to come in". I played outside with my friends, not online. If I didn't eat what mom cooked, I ate a sandwich. Hand sanitizer didn't exist, but you could get your mouth washed out with soap. Repost this if u drank from a hose...and survived!

  18. wants a 93' Notchback...

  19. I poking hate when people say Volvo parts are expensive.... if you pay full price at a dealer maybe, but there's tons of other places to get parts cheaper and they don't realize that you only have to by that part once cause it's well made! plus american car parts are cheap cause their stuff!... you get what you pay for!

  20. did over 100 tonight at the club in about 1.5 hours but it felt easy....

  21. Cleaning the house with Dimmu Borgir makes it easier... :)

  22. Seeing a tool cover band at seaside tavern

  23. this is what happens when you monkey a stranger in the ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD Larry!

  24. smoked a 945 last night on the highway... sorry rob! lol

  25. so much for putting the 960 lip on the 850 today...... stupid rain :(