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  1. I took the rear spoiler and roof racks off of it but that's it. It's going to the JY. Not buying back, I don't want to deal with it.
  2. Nope. It's broken in multiple places My ex bought it from me and had 2 people hit it in 24 hours while parked. Both insurance companies totalled it, she's taking the $3900 from the second company.. progressive offered $2600. Still reasonable tho
  3. I do have VW Euro taillights already tho
  4. Vortex members still argue over whether the ea113 FSI 2.0 had a timing belt or a chain.. the engine is timed with a belt and the cams are timed with a chain (exhaust drives the intake). That forum is full of complete idiots. And Audizine is even worse
  5. Yeah for like 2 hrs.. flew into LGA. Made the deal. Stopped at Bruno's VW for 15 min to see an old highschool friend and then Drove to Ithaca. No time to have any fun
  6. I drove it home from Queens with tags from Texas purchased online for $9. Way to beat the NY system.
  7. Guys, it's ok beer it's just become legend through limited release. It's not the be all end all... And yes I've had and can get it on the regular. Greg. Have you had FatHeads Head Hunter? It's worth seeking out
  8. And this is legit. The seller turned out to be close with A very good mutual long time friend who vouched100% for him and the car. There's a big back story.. but in the end I win What's new with you Kyle?
  9. It's the 3" intake, full turbo back exhaust, apr HP fuel pump, and tuning. (Also has switchable modes, and no lift). Should be good for 365hp/370tq on 93. And 392/407 on 100 race fuel. Can switch between 4 tunes. I'll leave it at that for this year and probably get a Haldex controller and a few little things first before bigger turbo. Let's just say I paid somewhere in the region of what a 2010gti sells for with average miles... I'm happy.
  10. 2k For vs people. I put on a new driveshaft, viscous coupler, new nivomats, new control arms 2 weeks ago. New swaybar links, and fixed some other shit. Leaks some oil.. Cam seal. Otherwise a good daily. Comes with both sets of wheels and roof racks. Cool. I bought mine for cash. I hate payments. You don't want to know what I paid.. might make you cry. There's a back story to it though. My son is pulling my red car out of the warehouse in a week or 2 and putting it in the garage to resurect it... It will be back by summer.. I'm kinda happy about that. He got a really good new job and he's ready to get into it. Maybe I'll make the Ithaca meet this year. I have to start vaping though.. gotta fit in with the cargo shorts vw crowd
  11. Yeah apr got their bullshit handled.. I think all that is settled. I'm pretty psyched to have a low mileage mint car for a change. Yeah I already have days at mid Ohio and Nelson ledges booked. How's your mk7 been? Yep. Getting down to one car with low miles and lots of performance. Tired of having 2 cars with a combined total of over a 1/2 million miles on them.. one is always sitting. Tired of oil puddles, tired of creaking plastic... One car to do it all.
  12. Sold the M3. I am Selling the V70R. If anyone wants one. Bought this motherfucker. 2013 golf R. 60k. APR stage2+. 6mt And life goes on.
  13. I love when Veloster turbo guys want to race me in the M3. I just laugh and keep driving 70. Oh when did you buy a Veloster, Chris?
  14. breaks traction at 60mph... uh huh. OH..and isn't it odd that the ODO reads Kilometers but the speedo is MPH?
  15. Hmmm, Still slower than c7 Zo6.. but not by much Hey Michael.. buy that MR2. You know you want it..
  16. Nah, nothing worth noting, some flurries. Put the snow tires and driveshaft on Emma's R this weekend.. figured it was time. Mine had the DS on it all year. My son put the red S70 in storage with a burnt valve last feb. he's deciding what to do with it.. nothing else really new... same old deal every day..
  17. Nice 4Runner Mike! I'm a long long time fan of 4runners.. oh, and how have you been? Haven't been here in a while..
  18. Because you're no fun anymore. and I disappeared
  19. Winterizing R number 2 yeah it's a double post of the same pic. Deal with it.