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  1. One of the V70Rs getting ready for winter. Other one already is.
  2. Like a James Joyce story.. stream of consciousness
  3. I'm just relying on my declaration of no more flats. Ive been tubeless for years.
  4. That is true. But, You can try..
  5. Sending unit off? Maybe level is lower than gauge reads..
  6. I don't carry a pump anymore because I decided I'm no longer getting flats
  7. Usually just requires rearranging some wires that follow the wrong path..
  8. May be some ground loop hum with that.. I've heard a lot of those (low to mid priced tube phono amps in general, not just that particular one) are hit or miss with the grounding.
  9. There's your problem... ever watched a freight train go 0-60? Takes about 30 minutes.
  10. Whatever Kevin recommends.. he's practically a certified tire rack test driver.
  11. That's a good start... the AA exhaust is a great sounding street exhaust.
  12. It's got a mod list a mile long too..
  13. Not technically "mine" but it'll be my problem.. Emmas new car:
  14. Mine has 285k on it and is running 12psi.. but my guess is the headgasket and the valve stem seals/seats were done at some point close to when I bought it..
  15. Rechecked engine: compression was 190-194 across the board. leakdown was less than 3% block test repeatedly stayed blue.. head gasket is fine. turns out I had air trapped in cooling System and a couple electrical gremlins that I worked out.. this makes me happy
  16. Let me know how that works for you Chris. WAR is about the only option for OBD1 at this point..
  17. Yeah I'm running @ 12 psi with a 3.25" and 5.5" pulley combo.. I'll use a Cometic head gasket..but I am debating what I am doing engine wise option 1 is head gasket and ARP studs on the s50 that's in there. option 2 is I have another line on an S52 for basically free.. so I may re-gasket that out of the car and then swap engines. you name it it's been done on my car.. everything from Turner Motorsports light flywheel and M5 clutch to full AKG and Garagistic bushings.. Stewart water pump, custom American made radiator, I still use a clutch fan (from an e24) I've replaced or modified everything. Still want to do V3 or Bilstein PSS9 coilovers soon.
  18. My turn.. haha Small leak.. sucking coolant and running like crap.
  19. Painted my widest non track wheels. Went with bronze over black base coat. Looks ok. Better than the old color. mounted some Conti DW 245-40-17. They ride nice. Quiet.
  20. Honestly that's neither here nor there if I get one for free. (It's a statement that really has nothing to do with what I posted) My car has an S50 (it's a 95 obd1).. And it being a LONG block it comes with the better cylinder head than the M52 head and vanos and oil filter housing. And all that being said the M52 has a stronger heavier block with thicker cylinder walls so it would be ideal for FI but that wasn't the one I got for free. Anyway, I looked at it last night and there's a visible crack in it. No thanks.
  21. Just scored an S52 long block for free. Time to build a "low" compression turbo motor for the M3
  22. Been using Redline ATF at the track for 4 years.. nothing but smooth shifting in all temps. Gotta love BMW forums.. everyone has an idea of what's better. I have never seen so many people with the absolute definitive answers.. that all conflict. I'd overhaul the bushings and the shift linkage before I'd delete the fan (no advantage to deleting the fan) i like AKG and RevShift for urethane. Don't do anything solid for Motormounts and use OE rtab with limiters (Garagistic makes good limiters for half the price of the other guys.. they sell them in eBay cheaper than their own website)