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  1. ~195 in all 6 for me.. good time to rebuild the Vanos and double check the timing and the advance mechanism too
  2. I haven't used clueless in years.
  3. There are different "varieties". I forget which mine is. I.e. They have a few different levels of the Nobby Nic. tread compounds etc
  4. Thats @ 1/25th of that particular warehouse.. there's somewhere in the area of 40 Macks in there in various stages of restoration.. My friend Jason restores and builds custom Macks. He also restores giant forestry and tree grinding machines. I use that little corner to store stuff.. The bobcat is mine though, Brand new has 40hrs on it. Josh, message me on Facebook (or here) and let me know what you want for one..
  5. Not my car anymore but I put it in storage for a while.. Burnt Valve in cylinder 1 and needs a list of other items. its at 300k now and the body (other than the hood) and interior are still excellent. Mostly needs some suspesion refreshing and some exhaust work. He bought a cheap Impreza Outback for a daily whiles hes in school and working full time. He may get to the S70 this summer. If anyone has a good cylinder head let me know I'd rather just swap a good head with good seals than do a full valve job and stem seals..
  6. Drove the M3 today.. 8.7 miles. (I never take it out before may 1.. but it was nice and I needed to run some fresh gas through it anyway.
  7. Bought my sons old '85 318i. Only has 87k miles on it. Light front end damage. Nothing bad. I'm going to completely tear it down and do a full period resto/mod.. maybe some 15"x8" BBS wheels or some old Racing Dynamics. supersprint header.. Recaro sport seats.. I'm pretty psyched to start this soon
  8. If I was high.. I may have laughed at that. maybe. Great. More overpriced BMWs for people to lease until the warranty is up and then dump them
  9. Go tubeless. I've been tubeless for a long time and being able to run 15psi at times is great.
  10. I used them all day at Rays mtb park yesterday.. set the psi @ 25 and they were great on wood and concrete too. Great traction all over
  11. I like Nobby Nics they're a decent all around tire. I have em on my Intense
  12. Yeah cars are expensive now. The original 91 Sentra SE-R back in 1990 was $14,500. I remember because I had enough for a dp on one and was going to buy one..and then realized I couldn't afford the insurance. (It was more than the car per month) So I bought a '80 RX7 instead for cash.
  13. Yep great price on barely used slicks. I'll get 5 track days out of em
  14. Ordered both a set of Conti Extreme DW (245-40-17) and a set of Conti labeled Hoosier R7 compound slicks. (225-45-17, but are as wide as a 245+)
  15. Yeah I noticed the close out on those too.. And I may lean that way after more thought. The Hankook, like the RE-71, will suck in the rain and while I rarely drive in the rain I should get a tire that's ok in the rain. (Better than the slick though, and at least useable if track is damp) If I do a few auto-x events this year I have a problem: the slicks will put me in a whole class I won't be competetive in at all.. the DW will make me mostly non competetive in my normal class.. the Ventus will be great in the warm and dry, really good as a 200utq auto-xer but not good when cool in the fall or in the wet/rain. I probably won't autoX this year. So fuck it I should get some DWs
  16. I've considered both. This car is driven off track @ 2500-3k miles a year. Looking now like I'm probably going to with Hankook Ventus R-S3. They're on close-out and they're great tires for the $. Falling just a hair under the RE-71R i don't care about mileage, I'm fine with 5-7k miles. These will also be auto-X'd and used on track temporarily if it's wet.
  17. I picked up a set of Style 23 (contours) reps by ATI for cheap off Craig's list.. Why reps of an already cheap BMW M wheel? Because they're 8.5" squared set, theyre "gunmetal" with a polished lip and I can do what I want. The purpose of these is to put Michelin PSS in 245/40 on them as a daily street tire and put continental challenge R7 slicks on my forged DS1s. Yep, got a set of slicks coming next month. And a set of UUC swaybars, bushings and links. M3 will be turning some decent lap times.
  18. Keep telling yourself that... Oh, and I actually did some work on my V70R (I still own a Volvo). Its AWD again. I installed a low mileage driveshaft, crossmember, VC, (all from Husseins old wagon), a new Volvo torque tube bushing as well as all new Volvo hardware. No more banging, clunking and whining from the AWD. (actually i pulled the AWD because of that over a year ago) Put some new HD swaybar links on the front too. After a year of that fucking noise i'd had enough. Funny how I put off a job that takes 5 min a side. like new wipers you wonder why fuck you waited so long