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  1. Looks exactly like the trans in my old red T5. Same thing happened.
  2. Pinkbike is great for buying and selling.
  3. Mine are wired for video and audio.. But only video is active. I'd rather run one cable per camera than deal with batteries. Install once and forget it.
  4. I installed 12 Sony color infrared cameras and a 120gig hard drive at the shop. Been running flawlessly for 8 years. Data saves 10 days and then the oldest is over written by the newest.. Very cheap to DIY.
  5. Nice. I have a pair of iron Rangers, and a pair of 877s as well as 3 other misc pairs of Irish setters .
  6. NAD 3225pe or 3020 integrated. (3225 can be had for $100.. Great integrated) Or an old silver face pioneer 6550 or 7550 or Kenwood ka series integrated from the 70s... Warm, powerful and bullet proof
  7. Nice. Heal from one and deal with the other...
  8. Yeah the loose feeling goes away. Titanium is used because of the ability for human tissue to fuse to it just like bone, as it does it'll feel more natural Glad you're progressing well Mike, I don't miss those weeks of recovery from that!
  9. Use an impact on a low setting if they're tough. They won't break off that way. It'll vibrate them.
  10. Insider information.. Now he's going on to restore mid 80s GM "A" bodies. He does amazing work look for pics soon.
  11. *awesome pic of my car* Nice pic I posted isn't it. Oh, wait can't post pics anymore. guess you guys really missed out on this one.
  12. They create sound. That's about all. That's all I wanted. (They're just NOS German coaxials from the 90s) I had no use for the focals in the M3 it's loud and highend components are pointless in it.
  13. My M3 came with a full SQ system, all Focal Utopia separates up front and an ADS amp. JL subs. It was ok. I don't care for car audio, it's more of a convenience. It never compares to a good home system and my M3 is loud and there's no point. So I put some MB Quart speakers and an alpine amp in and sold the Utopias and ADS stuff for a lot of $
  14. Short stem if you have a longish top tube. Rock Shox Pike. Nuff said Schwalbe Knobby Nic. Good all around off road tire
  15. I can't upload pics from my iPhone all the last week. Why?
  16. Re-Gapped the plugs in the M3 and drove it because it's still nice out here. Ran ok. New plugs on order.