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  1. Looks like you stole one of Michaels Blackberries
  2. Thanks! I might even wash the Volvo soon..and possibly post a pic
  3. Ok, 77 degrees on November 1st.. I'll take it out..
  4. Doubtful.. I think that'll be the last one.. It's already in the garage and I may or may not drive it again..
  5. Washed the M3. first time since Ithaca in june. figured washing it when it's almost November made sense.
  6. The driving position and shifter are a couple of the things that always drew to those.. My buddy Joey has a mildly modded (seriously modded suspension) and mostly gutted 87 944 that he dogs on racetracks all over the country. He turns great laps times because it rails and he's consistent.
  7. Nice. I still want another 944.. I was looking at them online again recently.
  8. Yeah it's a cut down Thompson.. All the way in.
  9. Because it looks good... And an 850 NA is about as fast as a 99 V70r anyway... Ouch.
  10. No, It wasn't easy to get an FS bike under 25# back then. The S-Works m4 FSR in 2000 was about as reliably light as they got for the era.. Ellsworth was the only other one that got that close. The S-Works has a carbon/magnesium Mars fork, carbon cranks etc.. With the flat pedals and RaceFace bars that are on it now it's probably 25 his old bike was a 24" wheel specialized with an SR fork.. Weighed 36# or so
  11. Yes it is! 100% original, XTR and carbon cranks.. Also has a Chris King Headset and a Thomson post.. I paid $400 shipped ($325 and $76 shipping).. Weighs 24#. he loves it. We rode again today.
  12. Set it up and he rode it today. 8 miles on trail.. Loved every second and couldn't believe how much better it was than his old bike
  13. Picked this up for my son, cheap:
  14. Riding on 25s is "new" thats a good one
  15. 1 has a front plate and the other does not. I win
  16. Surprised you have that, Not everyone has a butler or a team of Sherpas like you.
  17. Best post yet. (I have the feeling Mike was behind this)
  18. Guy bought the back seats but only wanted me to ship the stripes. I was very happy to do that
  19. I don't date dudes who drive chick cars. Just ask Timo.